Words to..


My friend


Keep your head up, my dear

I know now things seem so bleak

Know I am, will always be, near

I’ve never known you to stand down

You’ve always stood out in a crowd.


My brother


I know right now you hate me

I know I take all the blame

I know I left in your hour of need

I know how you shoulder the shame

All I can say is I regret what I did


But know I always loved you

Know I never wished you pain

Know I didn’t have a clue

Know I wish I could reverse the game

And I could shoulder all of your burdens


My mother


Why did you always hate me?

You say you are okay

You say you understand

But then you turn around

And say stop being a dyke


Can the words I love you

Exist with everything I’ve done wrong?

In your eyes, was I ever right?


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