When the nights grow dim and the shadows grow longer

I can’t help my mind but to wander

And I find myself remembering the nights I spent with you

Did we ever even had a chance?

I know we thought we had it all

It was nothing but a cold winter romance

Warmer than the air until the sun began to shine

And I suppose I could have told you I could never be your girlfriend

But its hard when I hadn’t even told myself

And I suppose you can make it all my fault

When we never even had a chance

And I can take the pain from this broken heart

But I can’t shoulder the blame all alone

Do you even remember the same things I do?

You talk of the love we used to share

If that is love, do I really want a part of it?

It often felt more like hate to me

There was never even a chance

So I learn to take a breath

And learn to love myself

And maybe now, I will have a chance.


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