The Light


Even in the darkest abyss the light

Filters down, bringing illuminance as far as it dares

For that blaze still gleams, far above

And fights to bring just a ray down, to you


And it may seem miles away, that brilliance

That your soul longs to touch once again

That ease, so far buried in your recollection

That it seems like a haze, or a far away dream


But yet, you will not dwell in that deep dark for eternity

That void which threatens to devour you,

Will not always hold sway

For either the light will triumph, or oblivion


And yet, the waters above the chasm bear down upon you

A comforting weight upon thy shoulders

That settles around you, seducing you to sleep

That is alright, for a little while, but remember


To sleep is to dream, but to wake is to live

And to ever again bathe in the luminance, beckoning from above

You must wake, and fight, and strive towards that glow

For that dream, to ever become life.


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