They Say


My body is a statement

The idea that I can love it is anathema

For something in me must be broken


They say


My choices are a statement

Daring to change for my health and my happiness

Is a crime against their God


So they say


Even a trip to the bathroom is a statement

It does not matter the man I am becoming

I should join the women in the ladies


So they say


The clothes I put on are a statement

I can try all I want

But I won’t be real until I pass


So they say


Enough of what they say!

My life is not something to be bandied on stage

Laughed off as a joke, or phrased as a debate


That is what I say


People who never walked in my shoes

Arguing for and against my right to be

A simple man, living his life is wrong


That is what I say


It is hard to stand tall in a life where

I am denied at every turn, where I know

My neighbors would happily see me burn, oh well


That is what I say


How difficult is it to accept that

The person living this life might

Know it better than you?


That is what I say


This hard skin won’t crack

Developed from years of being

Forced to hide in plain sight


That is what I say


Trying to live as best I know how, hearing

A damned politician pat himself on the back for

Allowing me the treatment I need, is wrong


That is what I say


They say this choice will lead me to burn

Their God does not make mistakes, but my only choice

Was to live a truth, or die from the lie


Hear what I have to say.


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