The Crimson Petal


Off from the crimson rose drops a last petal

Twirling, spinning into a void

Once there was brightness, fading only to black

A mind once busy left blank

Teetering on a razor sharp edge

Breath held in life’s longest wait


Searching for anything to occupy endless wait

Then down drifts the crimson petal

A handhold to pull away from the edge

Distract from the pastime of staring into the void

Grasping for any detail there in the blank

Looking for a spot of hope in the deep black


Further fall to the oppressive black

Weaving a story to carry through the wait

Though that thick blanket is better left blank

A song dependant on one lonely petal

The only thing to ever survive the void

Sitting, singing there so close to the edge


An evil beaconing urges, jump over this edge

Fall through through the black

Came through the void,

The body freezes, it is committed to it’s wait

By feet settle a single crimson petal

The mind shies away, thoughts are safer blank


Why do we wait for the world to go blank?

Oh, but what harm over this edge?

When hope only appears as a lonesome petal

One speck of crimson to soften the black

Why be plagued by this wait?

Not even a whole rose to draw from the void


Don’t look longingly into the void

Knowing that it will finally be true blank

Is this all to life, an endless wait?

Until a simple, small step over the edge

Waiting to fade from grey existence to black

Searching for hope in the symbol of a petal


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