Home to Me


Tumbling, turning, agile and nimble

Does the light dance through you?

Do you dance through the light?

Running, twisting through the shadows

Only to burst back to the sun, babbling happily

Your laughing depths support life and bring death

Hiding, darting fish in your deep stream

As the turning aspen leaves fall onto your surface

To be swept away to the next rest place  


Among the grey-green of the sagebrush littering the land

Are dashes red, seas yellow, streaking past green pine

Leave rubbing together, the green and the yellow and the red

Obscuring the jagged line of eternal summits

Descending to the red and purple fields

As the soft stir of the darting squirrel across your toes, surprise!

Chirp cries the songbird!

A reply, twittering

Whispering, rustling voices on wind


And then the day changes

Bathed in soft silver glow

As the greens and reds and yellows

Fade to blues and greys and color leaches out, that glow

Illuminates enough for practiced eyes

Pebbles and pine cones crunch under bare feet

As I run from dark memories to hopes and sweet dreams

Hoots and howls accompany

In the forest I do not need eyes to see


For you are home to me.


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